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We normally worship together as a congregation every Saturday morning.

  However, as part of our contribution to containing the Covid-19 virus in the community, all face to face services have been suspended…

We will be streaming services each week – see links below. 

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Shabbat Shalom! May you enjoy Sabbath Blessings and may the Peace from God rest in your heart

May 30 links :

Church at home week 11.


the seventh seal cracks open and God goes quiet. What happens next?
In Revelations 6 good people on earth shout out to God “How long is it before you do something? When will you pay back those who hurt us? Why won’t you save us? The Universe witnesses our spilt blood – we followed you – so there it is, under your heavenly altar. What are  you going to do about it?”
As the sixth seal cracks open we see those good folks standing in heaven! But has God answered their prayer yet? 
Will God avenge His people? Is that what He is like? Finally – the seventh and last seal cracks open. Will God answer their question now? 
Find your Bible and open it to the end, for the last book titled Revelation. Back a few pages to chapter 8 and verse number one. Silence.  
You’ll discover that God’s amazing grace is for you! As the planet begins to break apart and life is distressed, God says to you — keep calm, be at peace — I have overcome the world already, and I am taking you home. 
OUR PRAYER FOR YOU  May God bless you and keep you, and wherever you go, and whatever you do, may you know how much God Loves You.   
And so God does. Love You :)!

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 Bible Study (View from 11 am)

The Genesis stories of the first humans after creation, flood and the origin of nations show the frailty of human nature and fragility of life. How does God bring hope to seemingly impossible circumstances? Some disasters are caused by flawed people making mistakes, others by factors beyond human control.
Start at the beginning and continue to explore the first story of human-kind with Pr Ken Bird and daughter Annali Bird.  For whom, why, when and where was Genesis written? How can ‘these stories’ from ancient times give you hope despite the current chaos today?

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Study guide for May 16

Join Ken & Annali online to explore the Word together

 Working the Word

Discussion of the Lesson

We are moving toward trying a Zoom discussion of an afternoon. You might like to install Zoom on your device. Login details will be provided here at the time.
   We can also provide a DVD for people who have trouble accessing the links.