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We normally worship together as a congregation every Saturday morning.

  However, as part of our contribution to containing the Covid-19 virus in the community, all face to face services have been suspended until at least the end of April.

We will be streaming services each week from March 21 to April 25 on a range of platforms – see links below. The first one has been prerecorded and we are working toward streaming live in coming weeks.

Shabbat Shalom! May you enjoy Sabbath Blessings and may the Peace from God rest in your heart

April 4 links :

Service (view from 10 am EDT)

Church at home week 3. Long ago The Scroll proved a king’s Divine Right to Rule. 2,600 year ago it was lost. Is Jesus worthy to be King? What secret does the Sealed Scroll hide? Explore Revelation 5 with Pr. James and Annali. Sing along with The Family Tree-O singers, and enjoy Susannah’s Bible Craft time. A Country Sermon for Sabbath 4 April 2020 produced by Lithgow, Oberon and Mudgee folks in the SNSW Conference. For church-at-home members & friends, and others beyond wherever they may be. “Wherever you are, and wherever you go, God Loves You.”

Bible Study (view from 11am  EDT)

Join Pastor Ken Bird and daughter Annali and investigate: “What Makes the Bible So Unique” – the Sabbath Lesson for 4 April 2020. How was it written? Did God dictate every word? Why should you trust it? What is the purpose of the Bible, and how should you read it? — Ken and Annali open the Bible with you so that you can see for yourself how the Bible answers these questions.


Study guide for this lesson
Study guide for April 11


Join Ken & Annali online to explore the Word together

Working the Word

Discussion of the Lesson

We can also provide a DVD for people who have trouble accessing the link