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 The Christian and the Occult

Psychic phenomena are currently getting a lot of exposure

Television The X-Files …
Print Media Psychics, horoscopes, Harry Potter …

What is a Christian
Believes Jesus is Son of God, Saviour and Lord  Romans 10:9,10
Loves God with all their heart  Matthew 22:37
Listens to him  John 10:27

Why is the occult wrong?
It is listening to the wrong voice
Isaiah 8:19, 20

Warnings against mediums and spiritists
Leviticus 19:31   Against mediums and spiritists
Leviticus 20:6, 27      Note how strongly God feels about this
Deuteronomy 18:10 – 15  It is all about listening
Isaiah 47:13    Astrology
1 Timothy 4:1    They will make special efforts in the last days.

Who are they in contact with?

1. God?  Unlikely since He condemns the practise
2. Could it be to the dead? Ecclesiastes 9:5   They don’t know anything
3. The Devil  in disguise?    Revelation 16:13, 14    the aim – to deceive.

Spiritualism openly attacks the doctrines of Christianity

“Our spiritual progress is only the net result of our own efforts, and our sins cannot be forgiven or remitted by the vicarious atonement of a Saviour”
Ernest Thompson, The History of Modern Spiritualism p.12

“Does Spiritualism recognise Jesus as one person of the Trinity, coequal with the Father, and divine in the sense in which divinity is unattainable by other men? The unequivocal answer is: No.  Spiritualism accepts him as one of many savior christs, who at different times have come into the world to lighten its darkness and who by precept and example  the way to life to men.  It recognises him as a world savior, but not as ‘that only name’ given under heaven by which men can be saved.”
Dr B F Austin, The ABC of Spiritualism, Q17.

“The specter of spiritualism is haunting parish priests … consequently they attack us.  This opposition must be overcome by constant propaganda, education, organisation and a militant spirit of certain victory”
Ernest Thompson, The Teaching and Phenomena of Spiritualism, P101.

God reveals his will through prophets and through Jesus
Amos 3:7
Hebrews 1:1,2
2 Timothy 3:16, 17
Daniel 2  Given by the prophet after the psychics and astrologers had failed

(Hitler turned to mediums to win the war.  They could not help him  God’s Word stood)

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